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Why it is time to get started!

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Via The Future Buzz:

“If you are simply “working and waiting” you don’t understand the difference between living life and not.  Your time is ticking away and you’re squandering it.  If you have a side project you want to be your main project, you need a roadmap to bring it to reality.  “Working and waiting” is silly and without some sort of path to get there you’ll never achieve it.  Funds and jobs available?  Please, they are available right now to those brave enough to ask for them.  A chance to change the establishment?  Real change is a gradual process which happens bit by bit – if you want to change something, chip at it daily instead of waiting for some dramatic gesture that will be fast forgotten.  Those who act today, and act consistently will make change.  If you’re waiting you don’t deserve to achieve results.”

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20/09/2010 at 13:12