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Interaction of brain devices

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Following up on recent developments in reading brainwaves, the issue of a common platform for these brain devices is currently being discussed. A highly readable article in Technology Review highlights the benefits of a common platform:

“These scientific issues can be disambiguated by rudimentary brain coprocessors, built with readily available off-the-shelf components, that use recording technologies to assess how a given neural circuit perturbation alters brain dynamics. Such explorations may begin to reveal principles governing how best to control a circuit–revealing the neural targets and control strategies that most efficaciously lead to a goal brain state or behavioral effect, and thus pointing the way to new therapeutic strategies.”

An argument not mentioned in the article, but raised by Mindhacks, is increased security. However, with current developments of army research in the field one might ask if one standard platform is a realistic thought if the plan is to actively lead brain activity from the outside.

It seems that in these systems built to alter brain activity, we will necessarily see two different developments: Outside control via usable devices like headsets that can easily be shared, changed and synced, and inside control via planted devices that can interact with other components but might not necessarily be built to be an open system sharing its data with others.  While the latter could thus be used to “control the nodes”, it is the former that can enhance the nodes in a collective brain and thus lead to a more intelligent approach towards collective intelligence sharing and cooperation.


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23/09/2010 at 14:06